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On Tour! MP Author Gary R. Lowell

On Tour August 17th-21st

Author  Gary R. Lowell

Full Moon Publishing LLC

a fun plus 103

Dr. Lowell was born and raised on a small dairy farm outside of Modesto, California.  He attended high school in Glendora, California and subsequently received a B.S. degree in geology from San Jose State.   His passion for rocks and minerals led him to the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro where he received a Ph.D degree in geology three years later.  A long academic career followed at Southeast Missouri State and the University of Texas-Arlington that included numerous consulting jobs for mineral industry.  Dr. Lowell has published more than 100 scientific works but the present story marks his first foray into the world of fiction.   He reads widely and is especially fond of 19th century classic literature.  His favorite books are Les Miserables and My Ántonia.  .Dr. Lowell and his wife Vicki live in Arlington, Texas; their two adult children live nearby.


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a fun plus 101

This is a story of a university professor who becomes severely apprehensive as retirement from academia approaches.  He fears that his lifetime of study will be for naught when he steps away from the podium.  The professor’s imagination invents an alter ego in the form of a Heidelberg-educated professor who just happens to be a coyote. With their inflated egos at full mast, the two professors clash, debate, and insult each other throughout an outrageous dream sequence extending over several years. In the end, rationality prevails and the two professors accept retirement as a “natural consequence” of academic life and part as friends.


a fun plus 101

Promotion August 17th-21st

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Maverick Promotion “Artists Not Afraid To Think Outside The Box” ©Michelle Cornwell-Jordan



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