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Coming Tour! Award Winning Music Producer/Author Anthony Casuccio

On Tour January 06th-10th

Music Producer/Author Anthony Casuccio


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About the author: Anthony Casuccio is a music producer whose work has been nominated for Grammy awards, topped the charts and received gold record status. With over 20 years in the music industry he has worked on thousands of albums, composed jingles that have run on radio and TV across the nation. He is the V.P. of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. From Music Is Art to Make A Wish, Anthony has offered his talents to many organizations. He is the owner of a world class audio production company, runs a record label and teaches recording techniques on the college level, all while spending time with his family and friends.


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Published by BookBaby
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E-book: ISBN 9781483506470  Paperback: ISBN 978123465788 171 pages

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Award Winning Music Producer and Buffalo Native Releases inspirational memoirs

From Gold records to Grammies, music entrepreneur Anthony Casuccio shares stories of how being nice and doing the “right thing” (no matter how hard or embarrassing) in a crazy business, has created opportunities for him both professionally and personally.

Amherst, NY:  From gold records, to Grammy nominations and topping the music charts, Anthony has navigated the crazy world of the entertainment industry. This book is a culmination of stories that Anthony has shared during speaking engagements with high school and college students. He highlights key moments in his career and illustrates the importance of being nice, living with integrity and how keeping an open mind towards others can create opportunities. There are thought-provoking questions to engage the reader and start them on a path to being nice.


Promotion Jan. 06th-10th

Jan. 06th- Guest Post Spotlight on IndieWritersReview

Jan. 07th-Book Chat w/ Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan on IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet radio-  IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio

Wed. Jan. 08th-Video Feature aired  IndieReview Behind The Scenes TV (You Tube)

Thurs. Jan. 09th- Spotlight at Write Indie: Musings of a WriterGeek

Fri. Jan. 10th- Ten Minute Twitter View chat w/ Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan



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