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Coming Tour! MP Author Justin Glennon (FireFly and Wisp) Publishing

On Tour June 11th- 15th

Author Justin Glennon


a fun plus 102

Just a hard working, big dreaming, won’t give up on nothing, writer. I recently published my first book “The Blood of the Dragon” through an amazing publishing house, Firefly and Wisp, and am currently working on book two in the series. Hope to be a full time author one day, but its a long road ahead. Looking forward to walking it though.

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About The Book

a fun plus 101

The Blood of the Dragon is the first in a four book series, following an elven woman, Vizas, as she dives into the story of her past. Looking back, the woman tells a tale of the birth of magic, a bloody conflict between good and evil, but focuses her story around a very special person, Aidan.

This man was known to her, and later the entire world, as the Dragon Child. A very special bloodline brought about by a tragic accident that inevitably spawned forth men with extraordinary gifts and equally damning curses. 
In his time, Aidan is shunned by humanity, the truth of his heritage being kept from him by his absent guardian, Vizas, in an attempt to protect him from those who would mean harm to the Dragon Child bloodline. Until the day comes that the world needs his power to stop an ancient evil, the green-eyed dragon, Vakeel, from consuming the planet in fire. Aidan’s kind had a dark history with this beast, but Vizas hopes to aid Aidan in the fight against this reborn monster from the past and put the creature back in its grave for good.
The journey involved in this is filled with danger, and overwhelming obstacles that Aidan, Vizas, and a hand full of companions they meet along the road, must face down together in order to keep the hope alive that the Dragon Child may triumph over Vakeel once again and bring some light back to the darkness that the evil beast is casting over the land.


a fun plus 101

Promotion June 11th- 15th

Mon. June 11th –  (8pmCST)  30 minute Book Chat w/ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan– IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio

Tues.  June 12th- Spotlight promo at  IndieWritersReview

Wed. June 13th Guest Post at Write Indie: Musings of a WriterGeek

Thurs. June 14th Video Feature at  IndieReview Behind The Scenes TV

Fri.  June 15th Ten Minute Twitter View chat w/ Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan Follow Hashtag#MPTour


FireFly&Wisp Author

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