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On Tour! MP Author Gary Chattman’s “IN THE NEWS…” (Special Guest Feature)

On Tour February 24th-28th



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Gary Chattman is the noted author of three books, Coming of AgeIf I Should Die Before I Wake, and The Quixotic Teacher. His books span unique ideas not prevalent in today’s world; religious-based education that is individually motivated and educationally interesting; secular education that flies in the face of nonsensical standardized testing; and ridiculous education rules by educrats who have never taught. He celebrates the talent and world view of his students. He is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah/Judaica teacher for over thirty years; a piano teacher; a teacher for the S.A.T.; a teacher advocate and an advocate for his students. He is a concert pianist and is a motivating influence for children and their parents.

Author Links: Author Gary Chattman’s Books on Amazon


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Blurb: Imagine you have become two different people. Today you are in the present, studying for your Bar Mitzvah. Then, suddenly, you dream that you have been transported back in time to Poland, and become caught in the Holocaust. Then you dream that you are in Poland in the Middle Ages. You are to be eradicated by gentile society that sees Jews as not chosen, but sub-human. How do you react? What is the true reality? How can you survive? What does it mean to be a Jew, today or then? And what about God? Is God listening to us? Does God care? Imagine you are Reuben Maimon, an impressionable young man of almost 13, about to take his Bar Mitzvah vows. He must question who he is, and what the ceremony’s purpose is. What is the point of a modern Bar/Bat Mitzvah if it doesn’t give Jews a link with the past? Imagine you are Reuben Maimon living these two different lives with the same cast of people, and not knowing what is the reality and what is the dream. Imagine what would happen if you die before you wake. Now imagine, if you were Reuben Maimon, if he should die before he wakes… Imagine.


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Guest Post

See what’s being said about this unorthodox, dynamic Author and Activist!


A Maverick Author Gary Chattman Guest Post 3


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Promotion February 24th-28th

Mon. 24th-  Spotlight promo at  IndieWritersReview

Tues.25th(11 am est) 30 minute Book Chat w/ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan- IndieReview Behind The Scenes     

Wed.26th- Guest Post at Write Indie: Musings of a WriterGeek

Thurs.27th – Spotlight at Maverick Promotions

Fri. 28th -Ten Minute Twitter View chat w/ Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan



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