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On Tour! MP Gabriella Kershner

On Tour November 24th-29th

Author Gabriella Kershner


a fun plus 101

An ongoing student of life, I believe that the pen is a powerful tool that can be used to touch people’s lives all over the world. I enjoy writing about the human spirit and all its raw, yet beautiful intricacies and how it relates to others during this journey called life. Having studied human behavior for many years, I enjoy writing about humanity’s ability to connect with God and his fellow man during life’s triumphs and tragedies. Oh yeah, and I love writing, painting, traveling, learning new things, counseling and encouraging people, as well as creating new majestic experiences with my handsome husband.

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twitter: @_gabriella_k


a fun plus 101

In the Age of Anhedonia is a high emotionally charged book of short stories that are sure to provoke the readers’ thoughts, emotions, and spiritual insight as he reflects upon how each character searches for hope in his darkest hour.

a fun plus 101

Promotion November 24th-29th

  1. Nov. Mon.24th- (8pmcst) 30 minute Book Chat w/ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan- IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio
  2. Nov.  Tues.25th- Video Feature promo at  IndieWritersReview
  3. Nov.  Wed.26th- Video trailer Spotlight at IndieReview Behind The Scenes TV and GoogleHangout IndieReview Behind The Scenes WebTV
  4. Nov. Fri. 28th- Guest Post  at Maverick Promotions 
  5. Nov. Sat. 29th– (12pmcst) Ten Minute Twitter View chat w/ Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan Follow Hashtag#MPTour

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